Week 15, Spring 2022

My show official showed last week whic was a success. Everyone’s work looked so good and we had a good turn out plus we got interviewed for the news and tribune which was pretty sweet. I also had my orals last week and got lots of great feedback. Lots to think about moving forward with my work. I can’t believe it’s over. Just getting ready for final critiques of the semester and then I’ll be wrapping up the chapter on my under grad career. We made it!!!!!


Week 14, Spring 2022

I turned in my thesis so the external evaluator could review it before our orals. I spent all weekend setting up my show. I had to finish up my walls so the looked nice lay everything out where I wanted it, and pull my last few pieces out of the kiln as well as get some framing done. I’m completely exhausted but I’m happy with how my show is turning out and looking.

Week 13, Spring 2022

Spent this week firing kilns like crazy which also means I spent a lot of time thinks about decoration. I did a lot of underglaze graffiti on my buildings but I also made quite a few glazes for both the cone 6 and cone 10 firing, Most of these colors were for the bricks but I also found a new clear glaze that wouldn’t craze on my pieces. I also got my architectural prints from the print shop and they look pretty nice. Now all I have to do is screen print on clear Mylar and gram my pieces.

Week 12, Spring 2022

We had midway critiques in ceramics this week. I got a lot of great feedback on my work and things I could possibly do with my work. I’m getting ready to glaze fire my cottage and apartment for this first time this upcoming week. I also made some more bowls in between bisque firings and drying of green ware. This time a pinched my cups and bowls. I also started on the ceramic version of my city plan from few weeks ago. I hope it turns out looking nice but we won’t know until I start adding the details but I think it will be just fine.

Week 11, Spring 2022

I’m so proud of the first group there show was a success last week. It was great seeing all their hard work on display. I’m so proud of everyone. But sadly I still have lots of work to do so I can’t really relax just yet. This week I finished the green ware stage of my fountain piece. I also threw some cups and bowls while I was waiting for things to dry. Plus this way I have things to decorate in between firings and I’ll also have a few things to sell for our next dirtbags sale.

Week 10, Spring 2022

Last week was spring break so there was lots of work to be done so I didn’t really get to take a break. I made test tiles for glazes as well as started on a fountain that will look like an eyeball when I’m finished. Also I started on a city layout that will be a ceramic piece as well as a blueprint litho later on. Our final draft of our paper was due last week so that’s one thing checked off my list I don’t have to worry about. Also the first group has been and is continuing to set up there thesis show. I can’t wait to see it all done and together.

Week 9, Spring 2022

We had empty bowls this week. We sold out in like an hour and raised 1500 dollars for our on campus food pantry. It was really nice to partner with empty bowls to do something that benefits so many people. I continued to work on my thesis show. My apartment building is coming along nicely. Those bricks are a pain in the butt tho but it will be well worth it in the end.

Week 8, Spring 2022

This week started out as a self guided week duo to Proff still being sick but later in the week he was feeling better so we were able to talk about our line blends and our button fusion test. The potassium nitrate surprised me the most because it completely disappeared and left little oily spots on the back of each button fusion. We also talked about triaxial blends which involves 21 test tiles and a lot of premixing and writing out what you are trying to add to each cup. The photo above shows Brian’s triaxial Blend and what he is add to his base recipe (Sea slug is his obsession right now in glaze calc). I also finished up my house this week. Which is really dope. Now I’ll be moving on to another building as well as starting a few new pieces which is nice sense it’s just in time for spring break so I’ll be able to focus solely on my ceramic work.

Week 7, Spring 2022

Our fearless leader was sick this week so it was a self guided work week. I did some more research and worked more on my thesis and turned in my 2nd rough draft. My line blend turned out really nicely the blue got darker but not to dark. I kinda want to do another line blend with this blue and see how light I can get it to go. I also continued working on my house. I attached the chimney this week.

Week 6, Spring 2022

We went to the food pantry on campus this week. It really has grown and seems to be helping a ton of people. I’m super excited for dirtbags to partner with the food pantry to fundraiser money through empty bowls. I’ve been make square bowls and was able to get some in the kiln this week. I’m hoping to have some more down in the next coming weeks. We also talked about line blends this week. I chose a deep intense matte blue that I added increments of red iron oxide to to hopefully get a deep dark blue for a blue print vibe. We loaded them this week and I can’t wait to see how they turn out.