Fall 19 Week 13

So this week i finished up my girl. She turned out pretty decent. Glazing is wants going to make it pop. Also my three pieces came out of the soda firing. They turned out brown and slips turned out pretty nice. In some area the slip started to turn gray or a grayish blue. Now all I need to do is attach the broken pieces together.

Fall 19 Week 12

This week my three pots were bisqued fired. Only one turned out with a few cracks. They were suppose to be in the wood fire kiln but ungourtantly we didn’t have enough work for it. So instead we chose to do a soda firing for just critique work. I went to wad the bottoms of my pieces and one of them broke. So I will wad each section by itself and reattach them after the fact.

Fall 19 Week 11

Workedbon project 4 this week. I slab built a bunch of pots using molds. They look like Skittles and ufos right now but will be much taller with different kinds of necks. Project 4 requires us to pull from an article and what I’m pulling from my article is color and texture. I’m pushing my slips further as well as adding a lot of texture. When I’m finished they should be more sculptural rather than functional. Still working on the sculptural figure piece. It’s proving to be more tedious than intended.

Fall 19 Week 10

So this week is trying to finish the last two projects before the wet ware cut off. My goblets were fired. They are a terrible brown red color and it is hard to see the inlay on them which is rather disappointing. On a white clay body they would have stood out way more. The outside is in glazed and has a lot of texture. The inside has a clear glaze over purple slip that when fired becomes this mint green color. I created another scale pot for the wood fire kiln but this time I put red slip on the inside of the pot. I’ve never wood fired a slip covered piece before so this will be a nice experiment. Lastly my lovely lady is coming along quite nicely. She’s missing shoulders, arms, feet, hands, and a head but those will go on as soon as her legs and upper body become stiffer. Also I’ve been making sure she has all the holes in her so she won’t explode like a previous project from over the summer did.

Fall 19 Week 9

So last week was productive but not the greatest. Got the upper torso and bottom of my sculpture thrown as well as the cushion she is suppose to set on hand built. Unfortunately the 4 leg and 4 arm sections I needed to throw were proving more difficult to accomplish since they need to be tall thin cylinders and sadly that’s just not in my skill set right now. I will need to work on it if I want to throw body parts on the wheel for future sculptural pieces. I also made a scale bowl for the wood fire kiln as well as another oval bowl that will have line work in it. I don’t know how that one will turn out in the wood fire but we’ll see. Also I found a article for our next project. It had to do with embellishments on pieces so I’m thinking about working with texture and bright colors for this next project.

Fall 19 Week 7

This past week has had some hiccups. Let’s start with the mugs were glazed fire and from the photos look amazing but upon further inspection we noticed that the clay was bubbling really badly. So my functional ware is no longer functional. It doesn’t feel good holding it and it’s just a mess. I think out of 9 only 3 didn’t have bubbling. I have to have 5 for the final critique so I’m thinking about just making 2 more from a different clay. Unfortunately my chalices are made from the same clay as the mugs so we’ll see how they turn out. They were bisqued and I went ahead and glazed them. 4 of them have slip on them and I put a clear glaze on the inside only, so it will be interesting to see how they turn out. On the 5th chalice I did a matte black and celudon combo on the top and bottom portion and left the middle in glazed. Oh, fun fact what we thought this clay was Sandy white stone ware turns out is some like reddish orange stone ware combo. I had started making my figure sculpture but it to was made from the bubble clay and bumps on my figure sculpture would not have looked cute, so I made the decision to scrape all the pieces I had made so far and find a different clay. I have decided to use the test be clay which feel like the Sandy white stone ware except when it is fired it comes out as more of a grayish color instead of white. I’m fine with that as long as it’s not bubbling. So week 8 we are hitting it hard to make up for the work I trashed this week.

Fall 19 Week 6

Got all my cups glazed this week. 8 of them are slipped with a clear glaze over top off it. The 9th one has no slip but on the inside is matte black and the outside is a matte white. Finished slipped my chalices and they are drying so I can bisque them. I also drew up concepts for our thrown and altered project. Decided to do a more sculpture this time and I’ve rested on doing a figure piece. Hopefully we redeem ourselves from the sculpture failure from over the summer.